Land Acknowledgement Survey

The following survey consists of 35 total questions in the following format: Yes/No questions, Multiple Choice questions, and Short Responses. Each question includes space to provide additional information. The survey is broken down into six sections related to Land Acknowledgement practices:

(1) Institutional Information; (2) Form of Existence; (3) Development and Usage;
(4) Content; (5) Action Steps; and (6) Feedback.

While this survey prompts us to think about what an effective and thoughtful Land Acknowledgement can look like, we recognize that this survey is incomplete. We ask that you include your comments and suggestions in the final section.

Publication Notice: Survey responses will be incorporated into our public spreadsheet so that this tool can be collaboratively built, shared, and utilized. The responses collected from this survey will remain detached from any identifying data shared with the public.
Please note: Question #7 presents the option to provide an email address solely for updates and our internal listserv. No emails or affiliations will be shared publicly as a result of this survey.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses. We hope that this survey will expand how we use and think of Land Acknowledgements and initiate the further work necessary for Indigenous return.