Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the target audience to use this resource?

Everyone. The survey is an open invitation to put Land Acknowledgements side by side and to provide analysis and critical assessment to existing and public land acknowledgements. This work dislodges authority from the center and redistributes expertise across space and time.

Can there be multiple entries for a single entity?

Yes. It may be the case that multiple survey responses address the same institution.At some point we may consolidate these multiples into one entry. We encourage this usage of the platform as an open forum of critical engagement, where multiple voices are in conversation with each other.

What regions/countries does this resource reflect?

While Land Acknowledgement projects exist across the globe, the scope of this survey focuses primarily on the United States and the unique settler colonial histories associated with these lands and waters.

Will my name/information be published along with my survey responses?

Publication Notice: Survey responses will be incorporated into our public spreadsheet so that this tool can be collaboratively built, shared, and utilized. The responses collected from this survey will remain detached from any identifying data shared with the public.
Please note: Question #7 presents the option to provide an email address solely for updates and our internal listserv. No emails or affiliations will be shared publicly as a result of this survey.

When will my survey results be visible on the database?

As a living document, this resource will continue to expand and be added to. Please expect to see your contributions represented on the public database within 5-7 business days. We strive to update our database on a weekly basis.

How to contact us?

We welcome feedback and potential collaboration. Please feel free to reach out via email at: